Telling Of Love: Stop Fighting The Other Woman

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I have been very blessed in my romantic life to not have experienced confrontations that involved a man I was in a relationship with and the other woman that he was seeing behind my back. 

So, having said that I write this post from an outside looking in perspective. 

When two people make the decision to be in a relationship it is in my opinion an unspoken rule that those two people are going to be loyal and faithful to one another. 

When a woman discovers that her man is being unfaithful far too often she lashes out at the other woman instead of targeting her anger on the man that she is in a relationship with. 

Women need to stop fighting over men.  When the man is caught cheating stop attacking the other woman.  The other woman doesn't send you sweet text messages, he does.  The other woman doesn't kiss you and make you feel special, your man does.  Your man whispers sweet nothings in your ear not this random chick.  Women fight amongst themselves and the man that did the dirt is let off scot-free. 

No ladies don't get upset with the other woman be upset with the man that was disloyal to you.

Now, I am not condoning violence of any kind whether it is domestic or otherwise.  I just want to convey to women that before you lift up your hand or use your words in anger towards the woman that your man was cheating on you with - stop, think and use that anger and choice words on the one that was last calling you baby.

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(John 3:16)

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