It's A Long Road To November, Mr. Trump

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In June 2015, Donald Trump made the announcement that he was going to run for president.  When speaking at various venues and giving interviews he spewed his outlandish, racist and preposterous views that attacked not only other presidential candidates, but the American people. 

At first, I simply thought of Mr. Trump as the sideshow act of the Republican Party with no real potential of being taken seriously as a true contender for a presidential nominee.

Now that his poll numbers are steadily climbing and his shenanigans seem to dominate daily news cycles, I am sadly starting to have a change of heart and thinking that this "sideshow act" is fearfully a contender to be our next Commander-In-Chief.

Close the shutters, lock the doors, and hide under the sheets! President Donald Trump could be coming!

Although I think the man is a racist, which is what I thought of him years before this presidential run, I refuse to even spend my money at Trump establishments so him getting my vote is not even a possibility.  They say numbers don't lie and right now on the Republican side, Donald Trump has the numbers.  Currently at the polls his numbers stand at 38% keeping him ahead of his Republican counterparts.

I often wonder if Mr. Trump is saying what a lot of Americans are thinking and that has led to his surge at the polls?

Since announcing his official candidacy for president, Mr. Trump has been very vocal about his thoughts on immigration, terrorism, education and healthcare and the steps that as president he would take to correct these programs and "make America great again".

Regardless of my personal views on Donald Trump he is a successful businessman and I think if he were to become president, he would run America like a business which can be a good and bad thing.  The primaries are fast approaching, but it is still a long road to November.

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(John 3:16)

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